A Narrative Reimagined Through Packaging

At Packaged, we partnered up with ‘Shop the Scenes’ to create a groundbreaking project that would redefine fan engagement for The Hunger Games franchise. We wanted to craft a series of memorabilia boxes that transcended traditional merchandise, weaving the essence of Panem into each curated piece, thereby offering fans an immersive experience into the heart of their beloved universe.

The Art of Immersion: Three Distinct Experiences

Our strategy was rooted in diversity and depth. We designed three unique boxes tailored to the varied facets of The Hunger Games' global fan base. Each box was not just a container but a storytelling artifact, unlocking new levels of interaction and engagement.

The Ballad Of Songbirds & Snakes Official Merchandise Collection Boxes

We designed a box brimming with exclusive memorabilia for the die-hard fans. Each item, from academy pins to Lucy Gray Baird's hat, was meticulously chosen to resonate with the core of the franchise, transforming fans into custodians of Panem's legacy.

Targeting casual fans, these boxes served as a bridge to the deeper lore of The Hunger Games. Embedded QR codes transformed ordinary items into keys, unlocking exclusive content and behind-the-scenes insights, thus enriching the fan experience with a digital layer of exploration.

We introduced another box that doubled as an entry ticket to a world of possibilities. This initiative amplified excitement and fostered a more profound connection to The Hunger Games narrative, inviting fans to partake in a sweepstakes that mirrored the unpredictability and thrill of the saga itself.

Reimagining Fan Connection

Through this initiative, Packaged did more than create memorabilia. We forged new realms of engagement, inviting fans to step beyond the screen and into the tangible world of Panem. Our collaboration with Lionsgate showcased the power of innovative packaging to transform fandom into an active, participatory experience.

The Hunger Games memorabilia boxes stand as a testament to the transformative potential of creative collaboration. They reflect Packaged's commitment to pushing the boundaries of what packaging can be: not just a vessel but a dynamic canvas that narrates, engages, and inspires. Through this project, we have set a new standard for how brands can connect with their audience, turning passive reception into an active exploration of the stories they love.